Topic: Teeworlds flashes...

Hey, everybody.
I have had a problem with Teeworlds since I installed Xubuntu on my computer.  I used Debian before and the game worked very well.
When I start the game, it "flashes".  sad
I've tried to uninstall/reinstall it, but it's not working.

The version of my Xubuntu is the 16.04 Xenial LTS.
My CPU is a AMD Athlon 64 3800+ @ 2.4GHz
and my GPU is a ATI RV370.

Thanks for helps! big_smile

*Excuse me, I don't speak very well English.*

because cats who plays at Teeworlds are the best cats :3


Re: Teeworlds flashes...

Even though I don't have Xubuntu (or Linux) I will just try to help you until someone who has more ideas might help you out more. ^^'

- Check if the refresh rate is set correctly.
- Don't know if the ATI cards even have new drivers or something, but a search shouldn't hurt right?
- Maybe your GPU is a bit dusty? Try to look into your PC and see if something is not right.
- You could also try a different client for Teeworlds. Maybe that helps?

Well... it's hard for me to help since I never ever experienced Linux in any way, but also because of the lack of information. hmm

Is there something like an event log for Linux? Maybe that COULD help (well, for those who are more experienced with Linux hehe).

Good luck! tongue