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Topic: [TUTORIAL] Draw Unhookable Tileset

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE0Z5gG … e=youtu.be

IMPORTANT: On Step 8 at 5:34, I messed up. In the video, I ran "dilate" before running "tileset_borderadd." THE ORDER SHOULD BE REVERSED (run "tileset_borderadd" before "dilate") so you don't get buggy rendering in the client.

If you want to actually use the tutorial I would suggest:

  • After watching each step, rewind back to the beginning of the step and follow along.

  • Use YouTube's slow motion on tricky parts, and watch what keys I press.

  • If you have questions, post here or PM me smile

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Re: [TUTORIAL] Draw Unhookable Tileset

Thanks for the tutorial. smile It is pretty comprehensive.


Re: [TUTORIAL] Draw Unhookable Tileset

They look like simplefied unhookables, because they look kinda "soft".
Looks really good! big_smile