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Topic: [MAP] steppe

I made a new CTF map for 1x1 or 2x2. It's kind of alternative for ctf1.

Number of shotguns and grenades are same as on ctf1. In addition i put 1 laser in the middle because of map length, it's more extended in horizontal direction and more free place. Also i added a bit more health and armor.

I tryed to do it balanced!

Download / 126 kb



My shortrun maps collection! ---> here
My CTF 1x1/2x2 map "steppe" ---> here

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Re: [MAP] steppe

Nice map, good work smile
Played it on Hybris server; definitely too big for 1x1, since its as big as ctf3.


Re: [MAP] steppe

Was just about to say that, might even be too big for 2x2

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Re: [MAP] steppe

Ty guys! Possible it's for more number of people(up to 6),but anyway i think it's suitable for guys that like to play vanilla usually on ctf3, ctf2 etc. I think all of them are tired of classic maps, they should try this one=)

Maybe one day it will be added in basic client as new ctf map / with some edits

My shortrun maps collection! ---> here
My CTF 1x1/2x2 map "steppe" ---> here