Topic: [HELP] I need a big deathmatch map for my mod.

Hey guys smile
I working on my own "little" modification of Teeworlds. But now i need a big map for my mod big_smile.
The Problem is that I am pretty bad in mapping but need this map.
I would be very happy if someone made a map with the following requirements.

In this map there should be weapons scattered all over the map. (which kind of weapon does not matter, you can place only Grenades,... on this map ). Ofcourse the same thing with hearts and armor (here you also can choose whaterver you want wink).
This map should have a few big "rooms" where some people can fight, like an deathmatch map just very big smile.
Be sure that Tee's cant kill themself (like running out of map or Deathtiles)
I think the optimal Size should be 150x150 up to 250x250 (does not have to be quadratic).
Ofcourse you dont have to decorate the map, just a simple, big map for a Deathmatch-Like mod.

Thank you in advance smile


Re: [HELP] I need a big deathmatch map for my mod.


perhaps have a look at some maps which have been propsed in the map section. You are also free to use this one if you like. It's something along 140x100 tiles if I remember correctly - perhaps it's big enough for your purpose.