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  I and my friend were playing capture the flag on Ctf5. We were both defending. A guy appeared below the flag. We knew that he would help another player who would capture the flag and flee from below, but instead, he used his bazooka and captured the flag himself! Amazed, I decided to do it myself. After some time I became quite good at it. Today I decided to
share the information with yours. Enjoy.



This is where you should train. Outside of the obvious reason that its where you will use it, it  also has everything you need: the bazooka, health and shields. To do the trick, you must jump from the platform below the flag, jump again in the top of your jump. If done correctly, you should be facing the unhookable wall. Now, it gets simple: look down and shoot. Just remember to angle it to the wall a little bit. Too much will make you distace yourself from the wall, too little makes you miss the wall completely. If you got it in your first try, you should be at the same platform as the flag. If not, then try again. You can hook the same platform that you were, so you can re-try quite easly. Practice it untill you is good enought to use it competitively.



Stealing a flag might be the most obvious, but is actualy hard to do it right. Its easy to do when alone, but can you do it while being attacked? Its harder, especialy because you is just under a bazooka spawner, they can easly knock you down there with it if they know what you is doing. Even if you do manage to get up there, they still can knock you back to the void. But thats not the only problem: doing the trick hurts you, because of the knockback. Many also use the bazooka to gain speed, further decreasing your health. And you just landed in the middle of the enemy base, so obviously you will attract some bullets to you. You cant avoid all of the bullets, so you will get hurt. And the way back also hurts, because everyone focus the flagcarrier. The amount of damage you take doing the trick might not be worth it. However, you can do other things with it. When carrying the flag and going under the map, you usualy need to go back to the ground trought a hole in the ground. The nearest to your flag isnt inside your base, its a little near the middle - so your exposed in that part. With this trick, you can enter your base by behind, exactly at your base. And better: it dont bring enemy fire, because you is in your base! Just remember, check your health. You dont wanna kill yourself with the flag. That lower area is also a good spot if both flags are out of their resting spot: there is only 2 ways to reach there: by the back of the base or by that hole near it. The hole normaly have a little gunfight there, so they can see if someone is going there. And behind the base is also hard for them to go, as the team is there. Being in the base have its risks, someone might rush in it and kill the flagcarrier. Being under it adds that cover and lets you go to the flag easly. Another use is by the defenders: they just killd a flagcarrier down there and they need to get up. Instead of going all the way to that hole, they can do the trick.


The trick is very usefull, both atacking and defending. If you plan on playing seriously on Ctf5, its great to have it, and can get some by surprise. Not only it adds another attacking option, but it also can make the flagcarrier safer and can help your defenses re-positionate quickly. Thanks for reading.

Wall Jumping with a bazooka is so fun.

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Thanks for the guide, keep up the good work!

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Nice guide keep going on!