Topic: [MAP] blmapOnionPie

This is one of the first maps I've made, which was back when I was a huge blmapPepe fan. I had spent a lot of time on this map, and at the time that I mapped it, I thought it was quite good.
  Looking at it now, I can definitely see things that are less than perfect (i.e. the graphics and design). There are also some gameplay things that could be improved, particularly some of the race parts, but overall I'm still pretty happy with the actual block gameplay. You'll also a find a lot of structural similarities to blmapPepe (I was really obsessed).
  For old times sake—and out of laziness—I'll leave it as it is.


For XXLDDRace:
     Version without cheats/upgrades:

For DDRace:

     Version with cheats/upgrades:

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Re: [MAP] blmapOnionPie

Please put flags on this map!