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Topic: Why are (good) players accusing me of botting?

Hello. For some reason I'm getting accused of botting quite often. I know that it isn't easy for inexperienced players to tell a bot from a good player and I know I have been accusing players wrongly myself when I started playing (maybe 2010 or something). I can understand that and I don't hold it against them.

The problem is that players who are (far) better than me do it too and it really ruins my mood when it happens, even though there have never been any consequences (AFAIK). They usually say I should stop botting and leave without allowing any discussion, which is bad because I'd like to know that makes them think so.

I should probably mention that I pretty much always play under the name "nameless tee" because I could never get myself to stick to a name for longer than a day. Some people appear to be a bit hostile towards unnamed players.

The client I'm using isn't unmodified. Here are the things I've added that some of you might consider cheating:

  • Dead reckoning to compensate lag (like the anti-ping thing)

  • Predicted projectile path is drawn on screen (this helps me learn how to better align wallshots and long grenade shots)

  • Empty weapons are switched automatically and skipped on selection (this is the shadiest imo because it actively does something instead of just altering screen contents)

I have uploaded some footage of me playing and being accused. A demo would probably be better but I don't know any easy way to remove names from the file. Instead I turned off nameplates and pixelated the kill messages and the chat as I don't want to offend the other players involved. During the game I have been playing rather poorly. This wasn't my best of days nor do I have much practice in ctf2 (I'm mostly on ctf5).

I would appreciate if someone could take a look at it and tell me what exactly I'm doing wrong and what I can do about it or if anyone has suggestions how to resolve the situation in game.

EDIT: Apparently I screwed up the pixelation and let the flag bearer of my team be visible. I'll keep it up anyway since my teammate wasn't involved in this.


Re: Why are (good) players accusing me of botting?

good troll is good

I will be banned if I troll again ...


Re: Why are (good) players accusing me of botting?

Everyone and their mother get accused of botting. Welcome to FPS games :)

Not Luck, Just Magic.


Re: Why are (good) players accusing me of botting?

Everyone would be suspicious and hostile towards an unknown nameless tee being unexpectedly good, people would understandably raise "can't trust" issues especially in a game where cheating is not that uncommon.

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Re: Why are (good) players accusing me of botting?

If those trolls made you create that [almost] huge post, then they are successful trolls big_smile
No offence, but why do you even care what people say? They are [almost] always biased and full of hypocrisy.