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Topic: [MAP] infc_shit

Hi, I made a little InfectionClass map. Not sure if I did the TeeUniverse entities right.

Download .tup
Download .map

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Re: [MAP] infc_shit

Thanks smile
1) What are the whites areas?
2) Your mountains looks great in it smile
3) The map is too big. It will be a hell to chase a ninja in it
4) No comments for the name tongue

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Re: [MAP] infc_shit

White areas are death tiles.
Is 250x140 big? It feels smaller than newdust or damascus yikes

As I'm testing this on the infc server, it seems like the death tiles don't work.
Also, for some reason, it seems like the parallax/positioning of the cave was shifted, so it's bugged in a few spots:

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Re: [MAP] infc_shit

Oblique., i uploaded it to my server - you can try it.

But i made some fixes: changed red 'Teeworlds' death zone to 'icDamage' death zone. Teeworlds death zone don't work in last versions of infc_mod. And i recomend you make death zones in the bottom right, not death lines... Scientists and other classes can go to infinity loops with death lines...

I made 6 mins limit for your map on my server.

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Re: [MAP] infc_shit

I dont like the design. It looks like an usual ddrace-shit map!

You have to tell at least a small story with your map, Oblique - for example: after a zombie apocalypse, a few humans were be able to survive in the mountains.
But now the virus is also coming to the mountains!
What will the humans do? Flee into caves (in the moutain), flee to the mountain-peak or run in the valley? All this should be possible, and nothing can be (visually) found in your - sorry, bro - boring! map. Please re-work it.

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Re: [MAP] infc_shit

@satana667lucick: thanks, I edited it.


@Deepfinder: I agree, the design is very ddracey and boring. Here's a story:
Mount Shit was once a happy place with happy tees. Except for Chris and Bob, who lived off the edge of the cliff in their own little islands. Then one night, they felt a little frisky and decided to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars." But their voices were so scratchy and their breath was so stinky that even the zombie-aliens from high above noticed.
Alien 1: Wow they really suck.
Alien 2: Yeah. They really suck.
Alien 2: OK.
So they came down in their biohazard UFO thing and infected everyone.

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Re: [MAP] infc_shit

@Oblique, Maybe it's not too big. I've not tested it yet smile

@Deepfinder, I want the story of Eid al-fitr :'D


Re: [MAP] infc_shit

On satana667lucick's server the parallax on the cave still seems to be a bit messed up.
Testing on LAN, it seems fine. Weird. Anyway I changed the hero flag positioning slightly and added some extra cave blocks. I also realized that I have to export the .tup as a .map.

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