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Topic: [MAP] ctf_Deaded [Only for 1v1]

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2mkh8fzco … Deaded.map

Hey you, what's are there using for you, does here best a come back soon?
Just night spike is having to the red and blue, much you this not a coming!

Me too? smile



Re: [MAP] ctf_Deaded [Only for 1v1]

Are you sure it's balanced correctly? I'm the blur can teach the ninja faster/easier..... Also blue seems to get to red easier by rocket jumps.... I know you have to get back too,...... And it doesn't really make sense with the default respawn time for the ninja as its harder than hard to get to the other side via rocket jumps (an don't get killed by an enemy)

But nice map apart from that smile

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Re: [MAP] ctf_Deaded [Only for 1v1]

Warning: This map is spikes too now, doing to me?
wink wink lol

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Re: [MAP] ctf_Deaded [Only for 1v1]

But are that over here, does make to the map? So doing now this, just there remake, but go in the maps.
Watch out this, just going to there do now, but you remaking to can killed here? Only to the 1vs1!
cool lol