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nameless user wrote:

Hey i do have the same problem with my race map, it was a testmap and wasnt released but i loaded it up to a online server that other tee's can give me feedback and one of this testers did stolen my map!
So i looked for a map locker and found this page but the links are outdated and i cant find this editor anywhere else hmm
Does somebody still have this Editor and can reupload this editor or can send me via Skype?
I would be very grateful!^^ smile

Here you go: https://teeworlds-friends.de/thread/689 … tID=146911

map-protection editors:
Vanilla-Editor -> https://downloads.teeworlds.com/solidfi … anilla.rar
DDrace-Editor -> https://downloads.teeworlds.com/solidfi … DDRace.rar
XXLDDrace-Editor -> https://downloads.teeworlds.com/solidfi … DDRace.rar

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Re: "Map stealers"

And here's how you bypass those protections :

src/game/editor/io.cpp in function CEditorMap::Load

    CMapItemVersion *pItem = (CMapItemVersion *)DataFile.FindItem(MAPITEMTYPE_VERSION, 0);
        // import old map
        /*MAP old_mapstuff;
        editor_load_old(df, this);
        return 0;
    else if(pItem->m_Version == 1)

        // load map info

Change this line

else if(pItem->m_Version == 1)

to either

else if(pItem->m_Version)



As it was discussed before, it's technically not possible to protect a map and there is nothing else you can do about as any protection will be bypassed sooner or later.

It's better to write your credits on some non-dominant place, e.g. a corner of the map and not on every 2nd tile.
Also don't use anything like "It's not allowed to host this map somewhere else, it'll only add fuel to the fire.



Re: "Map stealers"

Thanks for posting in public.

Protecting maps from editing in an opensource game... Kids these days. Look mom, it has my name on it!!!

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Re: "Map stealers"

The only good way: post your map on internet so it becomes public and known that you are the author. Put this information in the field "author" in map details dialog and remove any credits in the map itself. Anything else is just useless and/or ugly. As you saw it, official maps don't have a giant author name made of unhookable and don't crash your editor when you open them.

Just enjoy to see your map played in other servers, it's already a privilege.