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Good Afternoon,
my name is Lumina and today i wanna show you my map storehouse for this mod InfClass.
I hope you can enjoy this map.

here are some screenshoots from the map:


and the map itself:

I hope you will like this map,



Re: [Map] infc_storehouse

Seems that it will be a paradise for campers, making the map boring for players. I've removed hard-camp zones in both infc_bamboo and infc_newdust to prevent that.

The labyrinth-like layout is not in itself a bad idea, but details must be precisely done in order to avoid too easy camp while in the same time help humans to understand what is the good way to defend the zone and feel safe temporary.

Some important points:
* It's very hard for infected to go up to reach a camp-zone. Even more difficult if there is unhookable tiles. Try to avoid vertical camps
* The map must help you to not be lost. If each part looks like the other, it will be hard for players to move inside. In same times, the map must be coherent and use the same tileset! Doodads and decorations help to remember the map.


Re: [Map] infc_storehouse

Thanks for the feedback,

I will add a doodas to this map so you can sure remember, which way you need to go.

I will add more ways, where you can go, and make some camperplace hard to stand there.

about the map size is it okay like it is? or should i make it a bit tiny?

anyway thanks for your feedback.


Re: [Map] infc_storehouse

Sorry, but I dont like this map! She is too big and not creative - there are just some brown rooms. I think it would be boring and annoying to play it!
Try to think about a background story for the map! A real storehouse doesn't look like this, it's more like a ugly modern cave.

I will be banned if I troll again ...

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Re: [Map] infc_storehouse

About the theme: the actual theme don't fit. Such layout with random borders could fit better in natural themes. I think that the bottom of a jungle with glowing fungus could be appropriate.

The map is too big with walls too small. Small walls help soldier to kill/farm infected, scientist can move too easily and witch can spawn infected through them making the game completely random. You can solve both problems (size of map and size of walls) by making everything bigger and remove some rooms. It will be easier to move inside and less prone to abuse/exploit.

The top of the map should be not flat but diagonal or like a mountain. It will be more interesting to play.

In general, try to imagine each class in your map, and how the infected will progress.