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Topic: [MAP] infc_spirulina

map - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fi … 2709919861
map (outdated) - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fi … 4001722924

infection zone - http://i.imgur.com/ymxmira.png
center - http://i.imgur.com/qnkBHjs.png
editor view - http://i.imgur.com/L88QqaN.png

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Re: [MAP] infc_spirulina

The map is much better, and I've uploaded it on the test server.
Just a small detail: the human spawns are on "infected" grass. I think it will be better of the top of those floating islands is tiled with classical grass (the bottom can stay "infected").


Re: [MAP] infc_spirulina

That is a nice idea necropotame, but i dont know how i make the transition, sadly i am not so good with arts.

There was a bug in the map, i fixed it and uploaded the new version.


Re: [MAP] infc_spirulina

Quatria, i think your infc-maps very nice, and want to run it on my server. But it doesn't work on last version of infclass server.
Would you fix it?

necropotame said:
Old infclass maps use layer that teeworlds can't understand
The new format use only vanilla layers
In addition, the index of each entity is different
So you must first, import the package "infclass" in teeuniverse
then, import you map
then, fix the zones, and finally export it
Yes, it's not really simple atm
But it's not easier to create new maps. Sorry to change the format

It's very difficult for me. Quatria, please fic your infc maps.