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Topic: Come on

Hello. Some of you may recognize me from playing with me, since my name here Transcix is the same that I use in games. You'll know that I'm pretty darned good, so I hope that gives some weight to my words here.

I just finished talking with another pro who had played this game for many years, I won't say his or her name but he or she is an outstanding pro commanding immense respect from everyone, but they had  no idea about the refresh rate option and were surprised by it. For myself I had just discovered this gfx_refresh_rate option a couple weeks ago and it puts into question my entire style of play, my entire strategy. I think that Teeworlds is the best game there is anywhere, period, and it's the only one I play; I'm not a gamer. This game offers so much in the realm of dynamic creativity that it really challenges the player and pushes the player to be present in the moment and focus and think and strategize (and in doing so perhapse not-think). But if the very fundamentals of the game aren't layed out simply at the beginning, then this is BAD.

Where is the documentation? What other things will I and others find out in the future that we didn't know? It's not about winning or losing, it's about playing the game, and part of that involves comparing techniques and strategies, but all of that is fucking bogus if some people are taking loopholes with little-known options or as I in my linux perspective would put it "command functions".

cl_mouse_max_distance, cl_mouse_followfactor, cl_mouse_deadzone: ALL OF THESE REQUIRE DOCUMENTATION

It's such an easy thing to do that I have to be rather critical that it hasn't yet been done. Not brief documentation but in-depth documentation because these things affect THE CORE of the game.

Teewords is an easy game to learn, and that's great, but we're obviously not shooting for a game full of just noobies, that's no fun. To me this state of affairs is completely unacceptable. Let me know what you think.

Take care


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Hello, transcix.

Thanks for bringing the issue to attention.
I believe it's not so much a lack of documentation than not being able to change these settings in the GUI menus.

For reference, the doc:
https://www.teeworlds.com/?page=docs&am … t_settings

For myself I had just discovered this gfx_refresh_rate option a couple weeks ago and it puts into question my entire style of play, my entire strategy.

Could you explain further what gfx_refresh_rate does? It just looks like... well, the screen refresh rate, unlimited by default, unless I'm mistaken?
I don't see what's game changing there.

As for the mouse, I agree that there should be options to change the deadzone and such.

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Re: Come on

I still believe it's a lack of documentation

Fuck u and when i input certain shit then its ok but ok


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The mature way of dealing with this would have been to say you were mistaken, and to move on. Especially since part of your report was still relevant.
You showed you were able to speak a perfectly fine English before that edit.
At least, the issue is closed.

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Re: Come on

lol I didn't write that
If i did then I was drunk and I apologize smile
Yes I am most eager to explain what refresh_rate does for me, but it's a difficult thing to say, and i don't have time now, so I will post it soon!


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Here's all related lines from the source:
MACRO_CONFIG_INT(GfxRefreshRate, gfx_refresh_rate, 0, 0, 0, CFGFLAG_SAVE|CFGFLAG_CLIENT, "Screen refresh rate")

It literally does nothing.


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I've restored your original post because it seems you accidently deleted it. If you don't want that, just do your changes again.