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I've made a tileset for teeworlds using some perspective effects and some interesting tiling features. Here is the result:


Source files: https://github.com/necropotame/teeworlds-tilesets

Each image has an "_help" version that contains some markers to facilitate the tiling process. For example, the background is done by placing each tile in such way that edges share the same color:


This tileset don't follow teeworlds recommendations (the perspective is not the same, and the number of details is too high). However, I've tried to avoid gradiant smile


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Looks nice! I like it!


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very nice, i'd like to create a map for this


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Thanks, both of you smile

@Nitro: I will be glad if you do so! I'm reworking the tileset a little bit to add new features and fix some artefacts.

Here is some other examples

A new type of background to create stack of cutted bamboo

Light effect (I will talk about it later, but basically, there is a additional image called "backlight" in order to simulate some effect. This follow a discussion with android272)

You can try the map in InfectionClass Official Server #3 (you can vote to enable it)


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necropotame wrote:

You can try the map in InfectionClass Official Server #3 (you can vote to enable it)

I was not able to vote for this map on InfectionClass Official Server #3

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Map vote are disabled in InfClass server. I use only map rotation. There is between 4 and 7 InfClass server and 6 maps in the rotation, so if you are lucky, one of them will be on bamboo tongue

PS: the vote mentioned in my previous post was here to test the map. Since the map is know released, the vote no longer exists.