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Topic: [MAP] BlmapV7

This map is for the DDRace gamemode. It is a block map.
The map is for the latest version.



Download Link: http://speedy.sh/3qxNz/BlmapV7.map

I would be suppppeerr happy to see someone use this map on their server and see others playing on it. Unfortuantly, I don't know how to get a host like Oldschool or Rafael. But maybe you will use it smile

Fixed image links // heinrich5991

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Re: [MAP] BlmapV7

You should edit your image posts and do it like so: http://i.imgur.com/xyz-code.png

Having troubles finding servers in the serverlist? Go to Pastebin (its a referer cause there is daily a new pastebin) and add the lines to your settings.cfg (in %APPDATA%\teeworlds). Then open teeworlds and go to the favorites tab. (Note however, standard teeworlds client can only show 256 favorites, use ddnet instead)


Re: [MAP] BlmapV7

i fixed a couple of bugs and temporary hosting it


Re: [MAP] BlmapV7

Lo descargue, y arregle unos errores que tenia, pero buen mapa big_smile.

Hello, I need help, how can I create a mod?