Topic: Using teeworld mechanics in a new game

Hey guys,

I'm working on making a 2D side-view game that would use teeworlds-style movement (hook) as the main mechanic.

The initial game idea was to have one map which would consist of floating islands of various sizes, between which you can only travel on floating boats/airships, which you have to craft.
The map and the said airships were intended to be made of blocks, like in teeworlds.

So far I have implemented camera controls and movement, but I'm stuck at the crafting part.

I imagined the ships to be around 10 blocks wide, to have 1 or 2 decks and to be kept afloat using gravity engines (the size of 1 block), made of minerals that you would dig on the islands.

But how those airships would look like and how they would be put together by the players wasn't really clear to me. So if you have any ideas I'd be glad to get input from you guys. smile

But keep in mind that this is just a prototype that I'm working on in my free time so it might not be made on the end, because I'll be working on games that I'm actually hired and paid to work on.

Btw I occasionally host classical dm/tdm/ctf servers named Fight Club, join me there if you happen to come over the names smile