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Topic: [MAP(s)] Tried to do a night themed vanilla map

As I said in the title I wanted to do a map at night and here is the result HourOfTheWolf:

Pics: http://imgur.com/a/b1ai4
Map: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/648 … heWolf.map

it's 100 x 70 and features
3 Shotguns
4 Grenade launchers
1 Rifle
1 Katana
19 hearts and 18 shields
no death tiles and no unhookables

I would guess it's best for four players, but I only ran really limited gameplay tests, because of a lack of people. But I quite like it, and because I like it so much I decided to mirror it over change the pickups and turn it into an ctf, so here's NightsHeist:

Pics: http://imgur.com/a/aX2cv
Map: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/648 … sHeist.map

200 x 70
6 Shotguns
10 Grenade launchers
3 Rifles
1 Katana
some death tiles in the middle, no unhookables
40 hearts and 42 shields

optimal for 8 players probably.

Feedback and optimization are appreciated.

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Re: [MAP(s)] Tried to do a night themed vanilla map

Ace wrote:

As I said in the title I wanted to do a map at night

>>> Today 02:19:20

Tried the dm map for a minute or two locally, and it's quite hard to move around since its hard to see the hook.
You might perhaps want to make it a tad lighter (or make a light custom gameskin).
The idea is pretty nice and original-ish though.

As for gameplay changes, I don't play teeworlds anymore and never played vanilla, so no input on that.



Re: [MAP(s)] Tried to do a night themed vanilla map

Hi, I am currently running your map on my Rotation Server:


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Re: [MAP(s)] Tried to do a night themed vanilla map

Nice, but note that this map is considered to be too dark to play by many players, even though that's the point of the map. Now that it is featured on a server I might redesign it if you like, maybe to a sunset where the "night" theme is reached after 7 minutes, so that the original purpose of the map is not lost, but more playable.