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Re: [Discussion thread] Name 3 things you want to see in 0.7

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- use "color picker" for tile coloring in map editor ( like skin system)

I personally think the map editor's color picker is more understandable than the one for skins, as each click will get you closer to the desired color and show that, even if the selected color isn't near it..idk, always thought the tee color picker was a tad clunky

color picking with (mouse) slider isn't user(n0ob or pro) friendly...

mixing color picker and slider ... good idea

new idea:

f3-> "editor" console
commands: load_map , new_map and ...

I think that both ways of choosing colors kinda suck, or at least both are missing what the other has.  The problem with the skin color picker is that you have no idea what value of each color you are modifying. On the other hand the Map editor has the values of each color completely intuitive.  When you first look at the values you have no idea how to change them or whether you even can.  It took me a little while to figure out how to change the values.

I personally feel that the New Skin System's is much better than both of these systems above and should also be used in the map editor.  In the new system you have three color bars Hue, Saturation, and Lightness.  You can visually see in the bar what the color the Tee will be and you have three ways to modify the color. You can choose the color in the box to pick the color and then use the arrows or slide the slider to fine tune the color you want.  This is a much better system and should be used every where the user can choose color.

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Re: [Discussion thread] Name 3 things you want to see in 0.7

1. For dynamic camera moves the background to clean up!
2. Add somewhere in the game function, which blocks and value blocks could change. For example: a block of land disappeared due to fire the grenade launcher and so on
3. Online construction in level editor big_smile