Re: MyTw.eu - Free EU/US server hosting, no registration

Replies to your comments, then some news!

heinrich5991 wrote:

You seem to understand how to market things!

I'm taking this as a compliment tongue

jxsl13 wrote:

Like that hosting environment and the graphics

There seems to be a bug related to having a server without a rcon. (tried with zcatch)


edit: that youtube video is hilarious x)

At this time it is simply not possible to have a server without rcon, and an error message should tell you so.
If this message didn't show up or if you think this is a problem, make sure to respond here or drop me a message smile

JonastheRoman wrote:

Yeah, very nice visual presentation! Good luck with your projects, mate! smile

Thank you! <3
I'm glad you like it smile

nohack2win555 wrote:

oh hey i have my own mod and i really want to host is 24/7 cuz all the people on the server hate it when i shut it down cuz i have to shut down computer to go to sleep. can i skype you my mod and can you host it for me 24/7 please? help would be appreciated and any of you guys can help me out too, not just myTW but any of you guys out there can host my mod for me 24/7. And it would be obvious for the server to be hosted in the USA big_smile

skype- nohack2win555

Hey there,
I don't specifically host 24/7 servers for people.
But you should check Schwertspize's topic, he seems to be your man for the matter (only EU server though, but I didn't find any US one :\)

holymadtee wrote:

This looks promising, I like how professional it looks.
Keep up the good work smile

Thanks for the support, I appreciate it smile

Endurance wrote:

Nice.. thx for the [US] servers

My pleasure! I haven't had much feedback on the US servers yet, so make sure to tell me if there are lags or other kind of problems.

Here's your dose of news:


I'm working on really cool stuff (at least it is fun to work on big_smile), I will tell you more about it very soon! Or soon enough! Or even later! Someday!

Head to MyTw.eu now to check out the new stuff big_smile

Then again, I'm looking forward to your comments, suggestions and feedback tongue