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Topic: Nice Man running your server

Update: I moved to OVH in France, providing a even better machine. I also added a github application so I can manage webhooks myself (you just have to authorize it once), it's still in progress. I also implemented a function to use webhooks to immediately update the server. Things like an automated server creation webpage will come in future (sorry, only for devs with their own repository)


i am running several server now, and because of that I wanna introduce a service like never before. I host teeworlds server for clans without servers and especially developers without official server. I don't wanna compete with those companies, I'm just a nice man who does this in his spare time.

so if you want to, I give you this:
- server for free (should be within 10,1-2 per mod)
- no ads (yes really, no ads, nowhere)
- I host any mod where I get the source code.
- there is a supervisor which keeps the server up and running, as long as nothing seriously like "train crashes into Datacenter" occurs (if people want to know, each server runs under supervise, which is part of daemontools. I also log everything with multilog, which rotates logs. see http://cr.yp.to/daemontools.html if you want more information...)
- the server stands in Roubaix, France
- a really good Internet connection (https://www.speedtest.net/result/4843831538.png)
- only backdraw is, I don't provide any interface, it should also not be a server for *everyone*... just ask me and I see what I can do for you.
- Based on github webhooks (or any other service with webhooks) I provide fast updates immediately after push, usually within 1 minute.

so, what do you get: a server where I host your mods (that's for developers) or a server where I support little clans (yes, that's for clans).
what do I get: nothing, it's for free (yes, seriously)
what does it cost to keep it up: nothing than my free time, because it's the same server as my server network. this machine can easily handle hundreds of tw servers.
why do I do this?!? because it's a service for you. and it's my free time.

the only thing I would like to get from you, is a link to the mod you want me to use (mainly this forum, but maybe it's a private mod...) and an autoexec.cfg for that mod. For developers I need a repository, ideally on github.com

currently I'm hosting:

gCTF+ for the real. clan:
InfectionClass by necropotame: and one other
HMH Monster for the real. clan:
-- i will update this list

feel free to contact me, also if you think i can't do it, you can just ask me via skype: hey.jude2000 (this name comes from a song by the Beatles, Hey Jude, nothing more)
or via pm, a post here, anything

Having troubles finding servers in the serverlist? Go to Pastebin (its a referer cause there is daily a new pastebin) and add the lines to your settings.cfg (in %APPDATA%\teeworlds). Then open teeworlds and go to the favorites tab. (Note however, standard teeworlds client can only show 256 favorites, use ddnet instead)


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Nothing but the best, strongly recommended! cool


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Can you create a server for my?
add my on Skype cptegon thebest