Topic: City map helpers wanted!

hey guys this will be very brief tongue but i am still in the process of learning how to map. but i am hosting a city server and my mapper is now busy a lot of the time and cannot map for me all the time now. But i am asking you guys who just love mapping for fun and also like city mods to help me make a really cool city mod. A map like If' City would be just mind blower for me but yea! i hope you would help me and please dont post up any comments of how nubbish i am and to beg people for mapping tongue here are the entities i would like you guys to map for me:D thanks

http://www.mediafire.com/download/4wf1b … tities.png

skype -nohack2win555


Re: City map helpers wanted!

Hey, i can help you
What i must do?
Greets, egon