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Topic: Kirby [RTD] vs. Mijail10

Nooow... Which category of the forum should this be in? xD

There is no high detail. Nor commentary, but there is some techno that I find rather nice. (I have seen this song that way for a long time xD)


Here is just a simple little DM match versus a friend of mine, it's really quite standard, but it was the first dm1 match I'd had in quite a while that both of us did quite well. Since in dm1, for me it's mostly one of us has an extremely high/low score. (Compared to the other. An exception would be me versus Broken, where I generally get 6, and him too big_smile And then Sudden Death happens and one of us wins of course. wink)

(P.S I don't think anybody cares, but anybody here who subscribes to me on YouTube will probably make me more likely to want to upload more of these great matches. Even though I have a REALLY BAD microphone, that makes me sound really different than myself. Sorry if this small note annoys you tongue)



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Thanks for the video!

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Re: Kirby [RTD] vs. Mijail10

More will be uploaded soon. big_smile And by soon, I mean some day tongue



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i'm Mijail10 XDDDD
GG Kirby! big_smile