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Hello, first of all I really like using emoticons in Teeworlds. I think its a great addition. I want to know how or if you can bind emotes to a key. I searched in Youtube and the forums but couldn't find anything. If there are codes to each emote, could you list every one of them so I can change them to my liking? Thanks!


Re: How to bind emotes

"bind <key> emote <num>", where <key> is a key on your keyboard and <num> the number of the emoticon (0 is "Oop", then 1 is "!" and it goes all the way around in the circle of that emote selector).

So for example: "bind x emote 2" will make the heart emoticon whenever you press x.

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Re: How to bind emotes

Thank you!


Re: How to bind emotes

F1 bind <Key> + <(Emote_number)>