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Topic: Minecraft Map [DM]

Hey all! I'm new to this community, but I recently fell in love with Teeworlds. Another game I have a lot of interest in is Minecraft, hence, this map!
All I did was mock up some of the Minecraft textures into the grass_main files and then made this map.
The map is 65x50 - so pretty small. Recommended 2-6 players on DM mode :).

Some screenshots (MAP DOWNLOAD BELOW!):


Yes, the lava kills you :)



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Re: Minecraft Map [DM]

Looks pretty interesting.

Maybe make the lava death tile? Would be a pretty interesting and unique feature, but perhaps the map is too small for that.
Edit: didn't fully read, just checked the screenshots :d, and it doesn't look like deathtiles on there
Also, you should work on the background/doodads-ish (minecraft trees, small leaf bushes?)



Re: Minecraft Map [DM]

Looks nice!

However, it seems you forgot to embed the tileset image into the map. Right-click on the Minecraft tileset, click "Embed", and resave the map. Otherwise the map looks white to those who don't have the tileset.

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Re: Minecraft Map [DM]

Thanks for telling me! I didn't even know about that!
Also, I fixed it smile

Yeah, the screenshot I added was old so there was no deathtile. I like your idea of the bushes but I'll save that one for later- I plan on updating this map in the future smile