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Topic: Love3 - work in progress

Love3 already beginning to build. I'll throw some screenshots gradually so as to intrigue you! Follow the post and write in the comments what you saw interesting in the screenshots.

2.Some places: desert, water obstacles, rocks and dark cave. Also being developed: the hell and deserted buildings.
1 http://s011.radikal.ru/i316/1506/91/3daa8ac83836t.jpg
2 http://s017.radikal.ru/i438/1506/86/a628fc713912t.jpg
3 http://s011.radikal.ru/i316/1506/65/23ac2521d477t.jpg
4 http://s018.radikal.ru/i501/1506/ac/4c7343b144cct.jpg
3.Plot. And Yes you play as a girl.


Re: Love3 - work in progress

I have a few questions:
For what gamemode will this map be?
Where are Love1 & Love2?
Did you make this mapres yourself?

I will be following your project!


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Re: Love3 - work in progress

1) Solo DDRace
2) DDrace Solo Map <<Love>>
    Solo map <<Love2>>

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Re: Love3 - work in progress

3)Yes, most of the tiles (mapres) my. Some circumcised. But I don't mind if someone wants to take some tilles (mapres) for their map

Second <<work in progress>> as you?