Topic: Medic - Yet another zombie mod

Hello everyone, I wanna show you my new mod, called Medic
In this mod, are 3 kinds of players: Zombie, Medic and Doctor
It is similar to infection, except that, that zombies and humans have been swapped
Now humans(in this mod, they're called Medics) will hunt and cure zombies
First medic is a doctor(Super medic)
When the round starts, everyone are zombies, and after some amount of time, one of them, cures into Doctor
Medics(and Doctor) will cure Zombies by killing them
Zombies have to survive, zombies cannot infect, by can kill, by one single hit
The game ends, when no Medics(and Doctor) or no Zombies stayed
The points saves between the rounds

4 kinds of bonuses are supported:
For Zombies: Superjump(2 kills required by default), one more Infect Grenade(can infect medics, but not doctor, 5 kills)
For Medics: A bonus(5 kills required by default)
For Doctor: A bonus(2 kills required by default)
If a medic(or doctor) has a bonus, he/she can spend it for an Airstrike(via Hammer) or a Turret(via Gun)
By default, only Doctors can place turrets

Server settings, where by *group* I mean "zombie", "medic" or "doctor", but without that quotes:
sv_doctor_spawn_time - time in seconds, before one of zombies cures into a doctor

sv_*group*_allow_own_color - Allow *group* members use own color, or use server's one
sv_*group*_allow_own_skin - Allow *group* members use own skin, or use server's one

sv_zombie_hammer_heal - amount of hearts and/or armor zombie give to other zombie by hammer
sv_zombie_super_jump_kills - amount of kills, needed until a zombie get super jump
sv_zombie_super_jump_force - force for the zombie super jump impulse(default 40)
sv_zombie_infect_grenade_kills - amount of kills, needed until a zombie get 1 more infect grenade

sv_medic_bonus_kills - kills until get a bonus
sv_doctor_bonus_kills - kills until get a bonus



sv_*group*_max_bonuses - amount of bonuses *group* member can hold at the same time(you can collect them)

Bonuses do not saves between the rounds

No laser walls
Source code

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