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Topic: DDrace Solo Map <<Love>>

Hi, recently created a map of it with the plot, where you must rescue his girlfriend Nagisa. It is difficult, but can pass. It is also necessary to think. Several references that: insaniquarium deluxe, mario, snickers.
Also built the second part of the map, I can say that it will be more references and it will glenise.

https://vk.com/doc175975996_375443213 - Download map

You can play on the same servers:
~WALL-E~ DDrace {solo}
- RaNiD - Teeworlds - +DDRace64

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Re: DDrace Solo Map <<Love>>

Wow. Nice map! I really enjoyed the adventure! It must have took you a really long time to make it.

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Re: DDrace Solo Map <<Love>>

Thank you Oblique.!.I did it very quickly and it took me a week to build.


Re: DDrace Solo Map <<Love>>

Post a pic please. Some people wanna see the result without trying it. tongue


Re: DDrace Solo Map <<Love>>

Siile, i want to, but I gets some help images and does not throw screenshots.


Re: DDrace Solo Map <<Love>>

you should post this map on ddnet.tw forums