Topic: Unplayable on Ubuntu 14.10 + NVIDIA OPTIMUS

I have Ubuntu 14.10 x64 (Unity DE) with NVIDIA OPTIMUS:
- Intel HD3000 (don't know which drivers are used: I've installed Intel(R) Graphics Installer for Linux* 1.0.7 while being on 14.04 and then upgraded to 14.10)
- NVIDIA GT555M with 331.113 driver

In Windows everything was perfect on both cards (always played without V-Sync)

My graphic options:
Borderless window=0
FSAA samples=0
Threaded rendering=0
Quality Textures=0
Texture Compression=0
High Detail=0

What I've tried:
1) Intel + V-Sync = ~60fps for ~30sec (and it feels like I have ping 300 instead of 30) then fps starts to jump to ~200-300 and game begins to be unplayable because of lags
2) Intel = ~300-700fps with unplayable lags
3) NVIDIA + V-Sync = same as 4) because looks like V-Sync option does nothing with NVIDIA card.
4) NVIDIA = ~1000fps with tearing artifacts

Any ideas how to get at least one of above variants working?...