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Topic: [Maps] Skyfall_Dolby and AimHigh: Two BIG openfng maps


    Since this is my first time posting on this forum, feel free to ask for any information that I may have left out.
    I am relatively new to mapping so my maps usually turn out to be quite ugly. Envelopes and quads befuddle me. That said, I encourage you to add some of those cute little animations to liven up these otherwise bland maps.

>>Download link for both of them<<


Full View From Editor
Bottom Section of Skyfall_Dolby
Judgement Room of Skyfall_Dolby

    As you may have observed, this map is a spin off of the Skyfall_big map. Notice that the light tan coloured generic_unhookable tiles are actually hookable. This map is 180 tees high and 186 tees wide, so I would like to consider it as big. Additionally, there is a labyrinth at the top of the map that eventually leads to the Judgement Room. Yes, the Judgement Room. So aptly named.
    The big slabs of unhookable tiles near the top of the map also contain a hidden area. At the very bottom of the map, you'll notice that there are invisible hookable tiles. There is also a disguised entrance to the shadowy pocket at the bottom.


Full View From Editior
Game View Of (Most) of the map
    A helpful thing to keep in mind when playing on this map is to aim high. Usually, If you happen to freeze another tee, simply hammer him/her to the stars and you will likely end up hitting a shrine.
    However, if you look at the map closely, you will notice that some of the spikes are REALLY high up. Too high for any tee to hit. The trick here is to increase the hammer power to 4 times that of the default OpenFNG hammer power.
    That is, sv_hammer_scale_x should be set to 1280 (320x4) and sv_hammer_hammer_scale_y should be set 480 (120x4).
    Here is a snippet from my openfng.cfg:

 add_vote "Change map to AimHigh" "sv_map AimHigh; sv_hammer_scale_x 1280; sv_hammer_scale_y 480" 

    This increased hammer power really makes hammerflying quite intereseting.

    DDRacers will love this part.
Tricky hooky part of the map

    There is a hidden passage that leads all the way down to the Judgement Room at the very bottom.
Judgement Room and me

        Both teams spawn in their respective "boxes".

    Once again, don't bother asking me if you would like to host any of these maps on your server. And please let me know if you've made any edits; I look forward to seeing them!

Oh! And I almost forgot!
If you happen to be playing in AimHigh and someone decides to call a vote to change maps, make sure you change the hammer back to normal. There are several ways of doing this:

1) Add a vote "Reset Hammer Power to Normal". Copy and paste this line into your openfng.cfg

add_vote "Reset Hammer Power to Normal" "sv_hammer_scale_x 320; sv_hammer_scale_y 120"

2) Make every other vote to change maps also reset hammer power to normal. You will have to do this for every map choice (unless you decide to conveniently forget).

add_vote "Change map to <blah>" "sv_map <blah>; sv_hammer_scale_x 320; sv_hammer_scale_y 120"

I would recommend using both option 1 and 2. smile Makes life easier.

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