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whose the poor tee who forgot his weapon


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That's Yitan, the cook

Visit our clan: =Eagle= !


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Landil wrote:
Murphy wrote:

Clan name: Mars
Website: http://mars-tw.weebly.com/
Game types: vanilla and other gametypes
Language: English

Visit us!

Your main clan (ARES) is lucky enough to win a clan logo by me wink

http://i.solidfiles.net/8ef846a7c8.png http://i.solidfiles.net/4e5fa303d6.png

Thank you!!!


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-Clan Name >TrueBoss<
-Clan Leader Brave
-Clan Nick TB
-Maps V5 Main

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Ladies and gentletees, I would like to present the clan: PiRaTe. (Stands for Pillaging and Ravaging Tee(s))

Well, as far as background goes, there isn't much to say, except that I started the clan because most of the other clans are (in my country) corrupted or just plain stupid big_smile. So I just decided to make a clan. Simple, right?

No website as yet, but I'm working on it.

No IRC channel as yet, but I'm also working on that.

*Sighs* Still working on a logo.

Anyway, our clan is an overall clan (meaning it recruits and plays in all gametypes), so feel free to join, even if you are in another country.

(If anyone wants to make a me a logo, feel free to. Can't find any teeish pirate logos and stuff on Google.)

A.k.a.'s: captalan, JellyBaby, The Gentleman
Clan: PiRaTe, PiRaTeJr. Recruiting in both.
Client: DDNet


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We are RooR, I guess. Yes, this is an actual and intended reference to the Bong manufacturer. We don't have a logo yet. It's a shame, really. I guess someone should start working on this.
We are a race clan. Our members, though, are talented in a lot of modifications. We are somewhat known in Catch, DDRace, and CTF, laser and grenade. But our main priority is the racing.
The background of this clan is indescribable. It started way back in 2008 or 2009. The clan members, however, got separated over time, mostly because of inactivity, so RooR stopped existing. This happened twice in the past. Now we are trying again, and I don't believe anything is going to separate us this time. We have a couple of mappers and some of the most talented racers.
We do have a website, though it is mostly German, and it is barely being maintained. Have a go.
What's an IRC channel? Don't care. Don't have.

Wanna know about members? You all probably don't care but here you go;
Our leaders are Jay' also known as NeoN (there are some other people out there with that name, but you know it's him by the clan tag and his name. He usually goes by [ÐøÐ] NeoN) and MoJoe. I am the Co-Leader, however, I do most of the work in the clan. Some people worth mentioning are Päddy, back in the day known as PaDdY, po², known as Popo, and NeXus. You might also know Fabian and artkis.

Well there you go. Nice. I hated doing this, so much.
or whatever.

Move along, nothing to see here, really.


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Clanpage: Visit Tees of Dawn Clan Page
Mods: Instagib (Partly: DDRace, Vanilla, zCath)
Maps: any
MultiClaning: Not allowed!
Lifetime: since 7.10.2014
Language: German

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- Clan name: ChocolaTee
- Background story: Our history is easy, we are a completely strange clan, not dedicated only to a case if not all, we are highly competitive and known throughout America (America north, center and south) we generalemente active in all occasions and we like to give good fights, the clan was built on trust and love, all our members is super qualified for any kind of fight.
The story is so, one day two crazy guys were arguing for no reason, one says to the other hey, let's clan, and the other says this good looking I have a chocolate bar, and then the other answers us call ChocolaTee.
that's the story of our clan, are funny, crazy, paranoid and especially chocolatée are the best clan of america Au Au Au.
- Website in process
- Logo in process

Yodaime (Is sexy)


All ChocolaTee's :

Fuck Yeah
Satanicker xD
Etc... (My memory xD)


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Website: http://www.kosmos-clan.de
Gametypes: gCTF, (zCatch)
Lang: German, English


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For my CTF Server, i have founded a community :

Name : FR InFerNaL

Type : CTF for the moment

Leader : Razorbackfr

Facebook page : Communauté FR Infernal https://www.facebook.com/communaute.frinfernal

My server :-[FR]- Team InFerNaL | CtF | My Team : InFerNaL Frag https://www.facebook.com/infernalfrag
Radio Crash Dance : http://www.radio-crash-dance.com

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clanname: Reffil
clantag: Reffil or Reff
Type of clan: all mods only ictf some
Maps: all
Leader: egon
Website : reffil.clanzone.tw.shivtr.com and reffil-tw.yooco.de
PunBB bbcode test


Re: Teeworlds Clans

The FR InFerNaL Community is now a team : Team InFerNaL Frag, follow on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/infernalfrag

Website is coming soon wink

My server :-[FR]- Team InFerNaL | CtF | My Team : InFerNaL Frag https://www.facebook.com/infernalfrag
Radio Crash Dance : http://www.radio-crash-dance.com


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Hello my name is F[!]rby and im introducing you to "Oldschool" (Tag: "[!]")
We used to play teefoot and lvl:x but since only "teefoot" exists these days were limited to that.
Thats still subject to change though.
Im posting this because the history of Oldschool isnt clear to newer players.
Ive played teeworlds for many years now. I cant tell if its almost a decade or more (probably around 8 years).

Recently ive met a lot of players that i played with teefoot a long time ago.
And because unlim (whos kind of the founder of teefoot) is about to set up the real teefoot again (the servers that are called teefoot servers right now are kinda bullshit tbh) i post this thread before the community of that mod grows again.
Also i really would like to meet some old friends in teefoot again. alias UnDeaD and Knightii and many others.

It was me who created that Clan with Khan together about 4 or 5 years ago. Bass might have been part of it if im not mistaken.

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Please add Off the Hook (aka OtH)
Gametype: vanilla ctf
Clantag: OtH
Maps: ctf1, ctf2, ctf3, ctf5, ctf7, dm1
Website: http://www.oth-tw.tk

Presentation on Clanzone
OtH is a sister clan made by EVIL with the goal to help the vanilla scene. This project was started for the first time at the end of 2011 and was a real success back in the day, because it brought some new faces into the clan scene of vanilla gaming. Continue reading...

Official presentation on OtH forum
So much time has passed since the glorious project of the original OtH was launched. A clan that provided new and strong players into vanilla, enriched the competitive scene and represented a new challenge for already existing clans. Many excellent players have took part in it, many of them have risen with it.
And now it’s time to rise again from the dust and to show to those old fossils how a well organized bunch of new faces can be so badass! Welcome to OtH 2.0!

Off the Hook, into the melee!

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our website.

Be smart, be unique!


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Not sure where this post was supposed to go, it wasn't a clan introduction // heinrich5991

I will be banned if I troll again ...

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Ignore this!

>gets teebagged

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I create new clan RtX. If you want to go to our clan, just write in the clan field RtX.