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Topic: [MAP] xctf1 alpha1

My first ctf map, built around the idea of having 2 flags very close to each other.
It is early alpha1 version. Any feedback or ideas how to improve main layout, items placement or map in general are welcome

download: xctf1_a1






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that looks interesting!


Re: [MAP] xctf1 alpha1

I think some doodads might be nice.


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I have to say that this map looks fun to play, even though I don't really like ctf tongue
The window-ish part thing with the deathtiles looks like an awesome playing element.



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Hey there extee, I really love your idea with this map! The framework looks fantastic! I am guessing this is even bigger than ctf5, by a decent margin too. If I had to make a suggestion, I would say to get rid of some of the superfluous platforms around the edges to tighten it up a bit and give fewer things for flag carriers to run around. If it is really hard to kill enemy flag carriers on ctf5, I can't even imagine how hard it would be to hunt them down on here. Other than that, I would probably increase the number of hearts/shields. Where they are placed in general is good, there just aren't enough of them. And then finally there need to be a lot more weapons overall. Keep the base exactly as it is, that is perfect!

Of course those are just my opinions. Do whatever you want, it's good work!


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I'll enjoy trying it later today! Looks great, extee! Adding some high-detail elements would be nice, but otherwise the map seems awesome big_smile

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