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Hello, I just finished my newest map and thought it would be cool to have a topic containing all my maps, since I also forgot to release one here (yes I am the creator of these maps, I just changed my name). Sorted by release date (newest first):

About my style: My most favourite mod to map for is Race (always middle or long), and things I dont like are if there are too few saves (multiple parts in a row), especially if the hardest come last. I also dislike increasing difficulty (if you can do the first part of one of my maps you should be able to do all) and too narrow parts. To ensure this is not the case for my maps and the difficulty is on a fair level (if you test a part the whole time you tend to make it harder than it is fun for normal players) I test everything with deathtiles before adding any race features. this being said my first two maps are still quite hard, you may want to try out my newest one.

1. run_flatland
My newest map for Race mod. It offers 4 parts and very adequate difficulty (I promise it was finished by a complete newbie in 10 min.). You definitly want to try it, since its a feature map in which I played a bit with the editor. I say sorry for the size of the map, but i needed that background for theme (the quality is still unsatisfying). Maybe I rework that later or Teeworlds offers the possibility to use .svg files (just dreaming). The parts itself are not very innovative, and you can only use jump and doublejump the whole time (no hook, rocket). But you will find two interesting ideas there that I atleast have never seen in this form on any other map. Hope you like it but you may not too. I had to get rid of teeworlds classic design atleast for the gameplay part (it also fits the theme), but I dont say anymore just see yourself. To stop it getting wonky you should definitly turn dynamic camera off, and maybe nameplates of other players and sound (both not that important). Due to its simplicity i consider it my first map eligible for time runs, you may find ways to do a part in a more heavy way but with a tiny advantage in time. Its possible in about 1 min.
ingamescreenshot: http://i.solidfiles.net/156efd4af1.png

2. four
My first and only ctf map. It has a very open design and offers four completly different ways to get to the enemy base, e.g. a skyway or a quite narrow tunnel with possibilities to hide arround corners and shoot, some are of course more hard. its symmetric in gameplay terms and was designed for a rather big amount of players. There are techniques you can find out that give you a small advantage if you have the required map knowledge. it was already released here and did not change due to no fun and time for improved design (I think its already good enough too) and no feedback.
ingamescreenshot: http://i.solidfiles.net/f4130ff159.png
editorscreenshot: http://i.solidfiles.net/bd44ac881c.png

3. run_three
A desert map with hard difficulty and six parts. Its my most interesting run in gameplay terms, nearly every part features a new idea, which is not obvious always. Also i build this map so that you can try out one of the first three parts in a sequence that suits you (to start time you need to go to part 1 first), which is also unique to run maps. it was already released some time ago (not in this forum), but i reworked the design completely, added doodads, and also changed the gameplay (there only minor changes). best times for old version were 4 min., but again i need to say its quite hard, you may want to have a look at it and roam the first three parts though you dont want to play it. first intended three parts thats the reason for the name.
ingamescreenshot: http://i.solidfiles.net/45776e1610.png

4. run_improved
My first run using a generic_unhookable theme in pyramid style with interesting background. only rocket, no hook. fifteen parts and quite hard, but not very hard to guess what to do. Its a bit of trial and error like many runs. sometimes you have the possibility to do a part in different ways, i tried to offer some freedom there. since first release i fixed three minor graphic bugs (one was misleading in gameplay terms), but changed nothing else. im sure there are some more glitches, i once had a better fixed version but lost it. If I remember right a good time was about 10 min.. Name was given because it was a improved version of the map before and I did not change it.
ingamescreenshot: http://i.solidfiles.net/25b1f81f09.png

I dont plan to continue mapping for now, at best a DDRace map (always wanted to make one). If ever doing something with teeworlds in far future again I would like to try modding maybe, but this will consume much time that i currently do not have.

Until then have fun with my maps.

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As nice as your post is, map forum rules suggest you add some screenshots:

4. Screenshots - If possible an full overview shot from the editor and some highlights

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hi i am back again sorry for late answer. i added screenshots for every map, incl. editorscreenshot for the ctf map. i dont want to put one for the runs, too. i think its like spoiling the whole plot of a movie in its description on the backside of the dvd case, hope thats ok.


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Wow, that race map is really cool, i like the concept! Would love to see someone reuse it! Part 2 when? wink

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