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Anything at all

Shaddix is on here? Well, that was onixpected.

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i really enjoy this. it feels very teeish and gives new possibilities. would be very nice to see this in future!


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there is a link to download a versione with this feature? for testing slopes

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I put the code into a git repo and merged it with current 0.7 master, here it is: https://github.com/H-M-H/teeworlds/tree … _merge_try

Code without merge: https://github.com/H-M-H/teeworlds/tree/slopes

Binaries (linux + mac + windows):
https://github.com/H-M-H/teeworlds/rele … slopes-0.7

Edit: the release script at official repo is a bit f***** so you might need to download data (like mapres skins...) on your own.

Edit 2: server up atm: ger.ddnet.tw:9472

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Nice work HMH, thank you so much for that!
I'd like to try it out but I want to preserve some anticipation for the new client. smile

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