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Topic: [MAP] finalbattle

Hello tees

This is my first map !

it has a day / night animation and is mapped for vanilla mods.
this map is especially for 1on1 dm games.

Here's an overall view from the map :

finalbattle oa

finalbattle day

finalbattle night

i have a slow computer and all settings are  as low as possible, this map may looks better for you.


Have fun playing it !



Re: [MAP] finalbattle

It looks pretty cool!
The ninja powerup is way too hard and time consuming to be worth to get it thought.

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Re: [MAP] finalbattle

No kin to the original maps (Or mine) , but who cares about similarities? (Not me) The odd weapon placement and the odd deathtile placement is the only real bad thing about it. In other words... A very good first try! Makes me want to upload my newest map.