Re: Teeworlds Clans

- Clan name: Di3el
- Website: Di3el.ru
- Logo: http://rghost.ru/41168643/image.png
- Leader: F.E.A.R.52.rus
- Type: All gametype

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

This clan is old and had its low but still stands even if some members.

Clan HDP

-Clanname: Hijos de puta
-Clantag: HDP or [HDP]
-Type: any
-Language: Spanish
-Leader: nicolas9612
-Clan Forum: http://clanhdp.foroactivo.net
-Video-Promo Clan HDP - V1.4 ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orAHPrD1pRc

-Clan Maps:
official Pack v13.6---> https://dl.dropbox.com/u/30634827/maps% … 2013.6.rar

  • ----TEAM----

  • HDP_50x50

  • HDP_Andeguineresis

  • HDP_Ball-Land1.2

  • HDP_CanNot

  • HDP_Climb1.2

  • HDP_ddrace-ninja

  • HDP_DeepFreeze

  • HDP_Doors

  • HDP_Entelequia

  • HDP_Enyugado

  • HDP_Epic1

  • HDP_Espiral

  • HDP_Exudar

  • HDP_Execrable

  • HDP_Freeze1.2

  • HDP_Freeze2.2

  • HDP_Freeze3.2

  • HDP_Freeze4.2

  • HDP_Filosoflow1.2

  • HDP_Gemas1

  • HDP_Gemas2

  • HDP_Gemas3

  • HDP_Hardcore

  • HDP_Hardkor3

  • HDP_Hookme

  • HDP_Hookme2

  • HDP_Init

  • HDP_Kinderencio

  • HDP_Kuadport

  • HDP_Mac1.2

  • HDP_Nefelibata

  • HDP_Night1.2

  • HDP_ninini

  • HDP_NinjaStyle

  • HDP_NoSolo

  • HDP_NoSolo2

  • HDP_Noname1.2

  • HDP_Para3

  • HDP_Paranolla

  • HDP_Paredes

  • HDP_Paridas

  • HDP_Propark

  • HDP_Savage

  • HDP_Soberano

  • HDP_Supreme

  • HDP_Sunset

  • HDP_Stone

  • HDP_Obstaculos

  • HDP_Oscuridad

  • HDP_Teleport

  • HDP_Teleport2

  • HDP_Teleport3

  • HDP_Teleport4

  • HDP_Teleport5

  • HDP_Teleport6

  • HDP_Teleport7

  • HDP_Tower

  • HDP_Troj

  • HDP_Zinderencio

  • ----Alone----

  • HDP_Alone1.3

  • HDP_Alone2.2

  • HDP_Alone3

  • HDP_Alone6

  • HDP_Alone7

  • HDP_Concurso1

  • HDP_Concurso2

  • HDP_Concurso3

  • HDP_Concurso4

  • HDP_Escalera

  • HDP_Gajos1

  • HDP_Gajos2

  • HDP_Gajos3

  • HDP_Gajos4

  • HDP_Gajos5

  • HDP_Gajos6

  • HDP_Gajos7

  • HDP_Gajos8

  • HDP_Gajos9

  • HDP_Gajos10

  • HDP_MiniRace1

  • HDP_MiniRace2

  • HDP_MiniRace3

  • HDP_MiniRace4

  • HDP_MiniRace5

  • HDP_MiniRace6

  • HDP_MiniRace7

  • HDP_MiniRace8

  • HDP_MiniRace9

  • HDP_MiniRace10

  • HDP_Giros

  • HDP_Laberinto

  • HDP_nico-kires

  • HDP_OnOff

  • HDP_Peneport2

  • HDP_Run2

  • HDP_run_gay25

  • HDP_run_gay25v2

  • HDP_Traps

  • And much more maps lost in 0.5.2

Note: Para los que hablan español, se aceptan nuevos miembros desde 07/11/2012, plazo limitado.

nicolas9612's Broadcast   madSkin's Pack 375 skin's by nicolas9612
Lider en el: Clan HDP
Juro fidelidad al Clan HDP, ahora a joderse. XD


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Hello my clan name is Volcom the addrese to site is volcomclan.weebly.com much love from tery[TEE] |abc


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan name: SouthEastLondon
type of clan:all
Maps:all Blmaps,DDrace Zcatch Biuld Battlefield
website: http://hugosmxh.webs.com/


Re: Teeworlds Clans

a new Clan ---> Jelly

User has been warned for this post (second and last). // Dune


Re: Teeworlds Clans

.Clan name: .oldgamers

.Shortly tag: .old~

.Mode: instagib

.Team site: www.instagib.ru


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Today I want to introduce my new clan Air.
We are blocking most of the time and you can find us on V3_Royal and on Starblock.
I am the founder of the clan and I lead it at the moment.
We even have a homepage
There you can see our Members or you can get to the forum.


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan Name: t-avengers
Background: Currently we are recruiting anyone who can speak English. We are quite new About a month old.
Our clansite : http://tavengers.shivtr.com/
Clan logo: My profile pic.
Clan leader: Azure Avenger
Our current members:
-Azure Avenger : Clan Leader
-rainXrampage : Co-Leader
-lil avenger
-nameless jhee
-Aiokun : Rookie
-Chew Toy : Rookie
-Sluger : Rookie
-sebipower00 : Rookie
-puffo pops : New Member
- ###['_']123 : New member
-mandy : New member
-aTee[AM] : New member


Re: Teeworlds Clans

- Clan name
- Background story
We are recruiting anyone who want to join.
- Website
- Irc channel
- Logo


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Yo guys. I'm proud to anounce the creation of my new clan : Pirates. After the magnet's call I decided to bring a new clan to the vanilla scene wink You can check our website there and even register you on our forum.

I hope I'll see some of you wink

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

I'm ashamed wink to announce SoUp BiZKiT a new mostly CTF based clan.

We are a mid to high level clan with a CTF server based in North America (though we accept international players as well.) Honestly we have been around for a while but recently got really serious about accepting new members and growing. We are looking for nice players that are really into teeworlds for a good time and hanging out with weirdos and outcasts like us. smile  Because lets admit it.. Everybody knows that fun rulez!

edit - Old sites are lost in the fuzz. sad Everything has moved here


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Hello, I'm the leader of RockRaidersTeam (RRT). And i would like to bring my clan out to the world.

RRT is mainly a fng ctf/ictf clan though whatever you do is fine. Currently our clan is pretty small and thus would like to have more people join.

What il be looking for is :

friendly personality, no stealing (fng) and or botting, knows difference between bots and pros, teamplay and stealing (fng).

Website: http://holymadwebsite.webs.com/

Please check the website for more info.


Re: Teeworlds Clans

How can we , ehm, join a clan ?

Not Magic.Just Luck.

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

You just contact the guys who run the clan, that you want to join. If they say yes, well, you are in. It's as simple as that. You might also want to have a look at this thread.

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

*it as edited because the Royaltee clan doesn't exist anymore*

Vanilla FTW, please.


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan name: SpeedWaller
Maps: All
zMods: All
Boss: P󍹍ö

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Re: Teeworlds Clans


-Clanname: gras.cl4n
-Clantag: gras.cl4n|
-Type: any
-Language: German
-Leader: L1ttL
-Clan Website: http://www.grascl4n.com
We are a new Teeworlds clan with TS3 Server and 2 Teeworlds server
Come to us and Join us.
German Only please.

We search Member


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan-name: PoKéMoN!
Clantag: [PKMN]
Members: -#Chrono#-, Pikachu! (me, leader), PIKA, Charizard.
Logo: Is here, but can't upload. (It's a pixelated Tee-Pikachu)
No servers up (yet!)

nya~ :3c
r.i.p. Teeworlds

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

U should make a new one bcuz most of those clans are inactive

Members: JsßØƴ«(leader, myself)
.ĜåȠλℓƒ (co-leader)
Logo: can´t upload, is on the website big_smile
servers:none yet

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Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan name: ZFighters

Clantag: (ZFTR)


Type:Blmaps,Tdm/Dm,1v1,Dummy Racing and Catch/Zcatch also events!

- Background story:ZFighters began with me DarkGoku Meeting other DragonBallZ fans we were a group, so i thought lets make a clan.So basically we want people who knows about DragonBallZ,the anime.

- Website: None
- Irc channel: None
- Logo: have one,Cant upload
(Tee SuperSaiyan Shooting KaMeHameHa saying ZFighters)
-Skill level:None, we also have lessons for others who think they're noobish!
We really hope this gets through!
Say if u want to join!
Contact: InGame and PM me on forum
These are servers i go on!
Blmap Touch up
Blmap v5ROYAl
Ctf catch/zcatch
Dummy servers


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan name: Hexis

Leaders: fluffy.' and muff.'

Game types: rifle instagib, grenade instagib

Website: http://www.hexis.shivtr.com/

Language: Polish


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan name: Rinju
Website: http://rinju-tw.tk
About: We are an international vanilla clan. We accept anyone with a desire to join or take a shot at the vanilla scene. If you simply want to test the scene out, it is acceptable to remain in your current clan. Learn more on our website!


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan name: Mars
Website: http://mars-tw.weebly.com/
Game types: vanilla and other gametypes
Language: English

Visit us!


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Murphy wrote:

Clan name: Mars
Website: http://mars-tw.weebly.com/
Game types: vanilla and other gametypes
Language: English

Visit us!

Your main clan (ARES) is lucky enough to win a clan logo by me wink

http://i.solidfiles.net/8ef846a7c8.png http://i.solidfiles.net/4e5fa303d6.png

Antoine de Saint Exupéry: It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Besides -  I am the gfx guy!


Re: Teeworlds Clans

Clan name: Eagle
homepage: http://eagleclan.ucoz.com


just letting you know that we are active again !

Visit our clan: =Eagle= !