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Topic: [MAPS] by .:Icy:. (OpenFNG/SoloFNG)

Hello everyone, it's me Icy.

Maybe some of you know, that I really like making new maps for this game and recently I had some free time to work on them, so I've decided to create a new topic where I would post the collection of all maps made by me.

So far I've reworked 3 of my older maps to the point, where I'm pretty satisfied with them, so hopefully you'll like them too.
Eventually I'll be adding more maps to this thread for other gamemodes too (right now I have a race map on my mind) but it will take some time so please, stay tuned.
Enjoy! big_smile

(SoloFNG/BoloFNG - Config: HERE)

~ Fng1i ~
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One of my newer maps, inspired by classic map - ctf5, although in the end not so much similar. There are (now) three spots for sacrificing for each team. One is in the middle for both teams and then there are two, team based spikes.
Also, there are clouds in the background of the map that are shifting as you walk across the map, but I couldn't show them in the screenshot, because it didn't look well zoomed out.

Download: MediaFire (17.2.2014)

~ Fng2i ~
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This map is a rework from on old FNG Savannah map, which in the end resulted in completely different map. It has pretty warm and calm feel to it. Clouds are slowly travelling across the sky from the left to the right.
In the map you can find 4 different spots for sacrificing, one of them is team based.

Download: MediaFire (17.2.2014)

~ Fng3i ~
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This is my very first and personal favorite FNG map that I have made and now it's been remastered to the present state, which I'm pretty satisfied with. There are 3 spots for sacrificing and 2 secret places in the map. Try to find them both!
Clouds are not only shifting differently as you move, but they are also animated, moving slowly from left side to the right one.

Download: MediaFire (17.2.2014)


Re: [MAPS] by .:Icy:. (OpenFNG/SoloFNG)

Wow! The second one is just beautiful!

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Re: [MAPS] by .:Icy:. (OpenFNG/SoloFNG)

All three of them have nice looks!


Re: [MAPS] by .:Icy:. (OpenFNG/SoloFNG)

Awesome looking maps big_smile Thanks for the work and effort put into them! Will let you know what the community thinks, they will go on map rotation smile


Re: [MAPS] by .:Icy:. (OpenFNG/SoloFNG)

Hey, thanks guys! :3 That's nice of you.
I will be working on the "gores" race map soon, so look forward to that. smile


Re: [MAPS] by .:Icy:. (OpenFNG/SoloFNG)

I remember playing the second and the third map on the old Blumentopf FNG server.... were great maps

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