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As some of you might already know I'm creating the most awesome teeworlds server mod of our time (modesty is a virtue).


"Where the hell are we, and what the f*** happened to our bodies?!"

"Looks like we reincarnated to most unimaginable bodies possible. And what are these crossbow-look-alike-thingies lying on the floor?"

After 300 spartans were slain by king Xerxes' army, they moved forward the spartan heaven. Infinite glory, beautiful women, pints of cold ale, treasures beyond imagination, endless celebration... All these wonderful things were finally within King Leonidas' and his closest men's reach.

"We are being followed."

"How!? These filthy persian dogs! They ought to be banished into eternal damnation!"

"Spartans, time has come to put an end to the persian invasion! Pick up your weapons and blast those foul creatures to bits before they reach the pit, the gateway to our sacred resting place!"

Game objective

The story covers the main parts. Enemy tees (server controlled) will attack, wave after wave, rushing to the portal (the pit of doom).

Prevent enemy tees from getting to the portal by blasting them to pieces.

1-4 players co-op. This mode will be the first playable single player teeworlds mod out there (if I haven't seen them at this point, it must be for a reason). Ofc the mode will be balanced for 3-4 players but it should be enjoyable even with only 1 player.

Works with the original (0.6.2) client.

The developement

The game engine works (some minor issues). I'm focusing on AI programming, making new content, new enemies and new waves.

I've done the test map myself but would be nice to have someone improving and making new map(s), since I don't unfortunately have infinite time (nor that much map designing skills).
The person taking this post should be able to follow specs and maybe even participate in AI & wave designing.

Pm me if interested.



Re: Tee Defence mapper wanted!

Be sure to work in the new version, now in the new version the game modes do not work sad

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Re: Tee Defence mapper wanted!

Man check your filters! big_smile

I made the first playable map myself, but my offer / help request is still valid.

Some specs:
Red spawn points are for players, blue ones for bots. Bots move from right to left and players lose life points as enemies walk in death tiles. If death tiles are wanted for another use, using flag point as exit point to bots could work also.

Pickups (weapons, healths, armors) respawn after each boss wave (every 4th wave).

At this point bots can move with varius speed, hook, jump, shoot and do some specials.

If anyone is interested in testing this mode, just send me a private message.


ps. Just ignore the story part. Was for teh lulz. big_smile