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Topic: [HELP] Question

hey and thank you for viewing to this topic and im so sorry that i have published too many topics but what to do you guys are the only ones who can help me :S so thank you

i'm hosting a server and its called HardCoreRace and i wanna add maps on callvote but its not working and i also want the server have 16 max clients and its 6 now please help! heres my server Config

sv_name HardCoreRace


sv_port 8303

sv_external_port 0

sv_max_clients 16

sv_max_clients_per_ip 2


sv_map Purple Panic_be9f3d48

add_vote map Eagle_Race_4

add_vote map Eagle_Race_3

add_vote map Eagle_Race_2

add_vote map Eagle_Race_1



sv_rcon_max_tries 3

sv_rcon_bantime 7

sv_spamprotection 1

sv_vote_kick 1

sv_vote_kick_bantime 7

sv_vote_kick_min 5

sv_max_clients_per_ip 2

sv_tournament_mode 1

sv_gametype DDRace

sv_scorelimit -9999

sv_register 1

sv_reserved_slots 10


thank you so much and sorry for being annoying again :S


Re: [HELP] Question

Oxsouls wrote:

i was just wondering if its normal that my server don't show up on internet section in teeworlds because i want to host a teeworlds server and i did port forwarding  and everything / firewall/nat off  and i have done every step right
and i can only see my server on LAN section only i was just wondering if its normal or not here's my CFG file config

It's normal that you won't see your own servers, try to ask others if they see it in the Internet tab.

Oxsouls wrote:

how can i add maps to the callvote on the CFG config?

You can add them like this:

add_vote "Description" "Command"

So for example:

add_vote "Map dm1" "sv_map dm1"
add_vote "Map dm2" "sv_map dm2"


Re: [HELP] Question

thank you heinrich your information were very helpful to me thanks smile