Topic: [Tileset] Supaplex

I guess some players may remember the old good game called Supaplex. And because I was bored I created this tileset. Don't say anything about rights because tiles were taken from Rocks'n'Diamonds and Supaplex is a free game actually.

Tileset ( rename to "supaplex_main.png" ):

Background ( rename to "supaplex_bg.png" ) - just black colour:
http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/6618 … xbgth1.png

Map to show those tiles:
With tileset inside.
Without tileset inside.

I hope there will appear some maps using this tileset.


Re: [Tileset] Supaplex

not many objects sad
but tilesets it's cool!!

sorry for my bad English smile

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Re: [Tileset] Supaplex

What would you want? Those are all objects from Supaplex.