Topic: Tileset border bug fixed

For most of the players this news is completely irrelevant, but for the graphic guys this is pretty good news. Matricks destroyed the tileset border bug. The graphics still need to get dilated.

Github commit

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Re: Tileset border bug fixed

Yep, good news are good news. Thanks a lot!

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Re: Tileset border bug fixed

this is really good news for me, im waiting nearly a year now to release my map which couldnt be finished due to this bug. please clarify me: this is not a normal pull request, so it is already in the code. is it in der standard downloadable teeworlds version now? if its only in sourcecode yet would you suggest me to just wait or go and compile it (never did and dont know how).

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Re: Tileset border bug fixed

@Arrob it will be in teeworlds 0.7
Here's the current 0.7 snapshot compiled for Windows x86:
https://i.botox.bz/Teeworlds-0.7-30e6e0 … 2973a07.7z

Excuse me I am retarded. The commit isn't in the official teeworlds repo, the package on the top hasn't got it either.
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This one has the fix: https://github.com/matricks/teeworlds/tree/borderfix


Re: Tileset border bug fixed

note: as glTexImage3D is not part of OpenGL 1.1 core it has to be loaded manually on windows