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Topic: [MAP] ctf_auroch


# Download:
https://downloads.teeworlds.com/solidfi … auroch.map

# Name: ctf_auroch
# Gametype: ctf
# Players: 2on2
# Credits: Thx to Sonix for his improvement ideas
# Credits_Graphic: All graphics by teeworlds

# Description:
ctf_auroch is planned as a fast and simple ctf map (at first I wanted to create a 3on3 map but whatever).
I tried to make the overall structure different to ctf1/7 and it seems I was successful imho (:
Movement is quite fluent but at some points also a bit tricky. Hf playing (:

# Screenshots:
https://downloads.teeworlds.com/solidfi … -44-54.png
https://downloads.teeworlds.com/solidfi … -45-23.png
https://downloads.teeworlds.com/solidfi … -45-35.png

# Note: I didn't care so much about the graphical part of the map, spend most of the time in the general gameplay ^^
Uses 0.7 tilesets, so there can be some graphic bugs on 0.6

Constructive comments are always welcome smile


Re: [MAP] ctf_auroch

Hey Bear, I played quite a few number of 2v2 games on this map and I very much enjoyed it. After getting used to the map, the movement came naturally. I think there is the perfect number of health and weapons. I didn't feel like anything was out of place or weird to pick up. Maybe just the pair of three shield in the middle, but i felt it was okay. What is your opinion on placing a laser in the middle? I don't feel like it's needed, but it could add different play to the map. Thoughts? Thanks for the map, will definitely be using it instead of ctf1 and ctf7 for clanwars. big_smile

Broken has edited the map for 0.6. There will be no graphics issues on 0.6 in the link provided below:


Re: [MAP] ctf_auroch

Thanks for the comment (:

About the laser:
At first I also added a laser to the mid - testing purpose - but it seems to be overpowered on that small map
You can easily enter the base and leave it with laser because of the long range. That's way I removed it from the map again. Was a bit unbalanced with it. ( Could work if the laser would have an higher respawn time but well ^^ )


Re: [MAP] ctf_auroch

This map is a lot smaller than the screenshot makes it look. Good work! I might only question the fact that the base has two entrances making it easy to run around in circles with the flag, but who knows.


Re: [MAP] ctf_auroch

Nilaya wrote:

making it easy to run around in circles with the flag, but who knows.

Haha, that actually happened once or twice in games, but i really don't find it an issue since two players can go opposite ways to corner the guy.

Bear: Yes, the laser does make a lot of sense. The game probably plays a lot better without it from what i can tell.


Re: [MAP] ctf_auroch

Looks very promising. I'd like to test it ingame.


Re: [MAP] ctf_auroch

You can test the map on

[EVIL] Public
Inspire Clan Ctf

They both hosted the 0.6 compatible version of Broken (thx for hosting (: )