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Hello everyone smile
In this thread ill post every of my maps big_smile

The maps ill upload and show here, arent the maps you know from the Servers.
Every Map is Bug Fixxed.
And maybe some small changes^^
Re-Edit if you want.

If you want to use one of my maps, please first ask me with a PM.
If you use a map, also let my Credits at the Map big_smile
Thanx in Advance.

I got 2 blmapV3 Maps smile
the normal one which you can see here
and the Version 1.1,
The only different you see here, (some small edits are too)

blmapWO (weird one)
My largest map, way more DDRace^^ (Big Fail)
Here in Origin Style smile

blmapCC (Candysclan)
A short map i mapped generaly for the Candysclan :< (bad idea)
Some Edits, may you like - may not
AND!!11 The start i took from a old "Tera Block Map" cuz someone asked me to do that cuz she loved the map,
and i cant say no to a girl :s xD

blmapPP (Prinz Pi how egoism i am?!)
nawt i arent! xD first the map should be named like blmapAT (Archetyp, name of a good friend of mine but he wanted that i rename it, cuz he want to make his own map called blmapAT)(NOT AUSTRIAAAAAAA!11 big_smile)

blmapV4AN (Newest map, very popular map^^)
Its a new map, 2 Variations with bug fixes etc.
The First one with Endless hook, the second without endless hook smile

Please dont flame me cuz my english sux big_smile (Please dont flame me cux i block o.O) (Please dont flame me for anything else :s)

More Screenshots, and Records if u ask smile

All in One

Single Download:

Thank you for your Attention smile
Special greets to blmap.de


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Ok... Lets make critics!

"blmapCC (Candysclan)"
Lol. You have created a map to Candys Clan? What about BLMapV4 vote? yikes

Blmapv3 V. 1.1 sucks, the original one is way better!

You wrote:

If you want to use one of my maps, please first ask me with a PM.
All in One

Btw, what do you feel by knowing that people make small changes on Blmapv3 and host them? Hehe.

BlmapV4 is awesome. Probably the best Blmap that exists, way better than BlmapV3...

Prinz Pi wrote:
Kintaro* wrote:

i dont understand why people play this map

Cuz its the best map ever made (probably)


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Re: Prinz Pi

Thank you HeroiAmarelo smile

I dont care about my old maps, only V4AN interests me at the moment big_smile
I dont think Votes are enabled on Official Servers (Official by me xD)
My Server IP´s   (Location Germany)
46.4193.24:PORT    (Location Germany)    (Location Poland)

If the Votes are enabled, tell me the port please, and ill turn it off smile

Yeah i dont know either why i created the shit map CC, i was drunk or something xD

I hope i anwsered everything big_smile
btw if any great Mappers are out their, who cant host their maps, PM here or @blmap.de

Thanx for your interest heroi^^


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nothing for me to desart like...nothing to see tongue

Vanilla FTW!
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Where can I download the map from?The download link seems down hmm Thanks!