Re: [CLIENT] H-Client v4.0.3

For those you have trouble extracting the linux release i have found that 7-Zip will extract it if you do it like three times.

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Re: [CLIENT] H-Client v4.0.3

@Bolto ... i found finally the problem (https://superuser.com/a/841876)... and it's a CircleCI issue on the server side... the .tar.gz are "double G-Zipped".

To unpack it need do:

gzip -dc H-Client-4.0.2-linux86_64.tar.gz | tar -xvzf -

H-Client v4.0.3 Released!


- Fixed linux packaging (thanks to Bolto for report it)
- Fixed Windows defender false positive (thanks to CarmineZ for report it)
- Added 'hc_safe_walk_margin' variable
- Improved 'Safe Walk' feature... now detect "freezed" tiles

· H-Client v4.0.3 [WINDOWS 32bits]: https://github.com/Tardo/HClient/releas … -win32.zip
· H-Client v4.0.3 [GNU/LINUX 64bits]: https://github.com/Tardo/HClient/releas … _64.tar.gz

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Re: [CLIENT] H-Client v4.0.3

Working on a tool for read dump network logs made with "dbg_lognetwork". Included as a H-Client tool.

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Re: [CLIENT] H-Client v4.0.3

Ook.. finished a stable version! This is the information that at the moment can give...

-- Client Received

-- Client Sent

** Client appears works bad... but perhaps is a problem with the tool (https://github.com/Tardo/HClient/blob/m … reader.cpp)