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I have the record of 3,150 sec. now in fastcapturing but i have no idea how to get faster,is there any strategy
how to do it faster? Any ideas?

PS: This is the way I do it right now :
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ECCD7El … ustangbase

Thanks for all arnswers!

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Re: CTF5 Fastcapturing

The world record holder asking tips. Hehe.


Re: CTF5 Fastcapturing

You should use nyan-power.

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Nice video and record, seems that you used Zargon's technique. Good to know that you are asking for tips even if you're the best in this map (for those who don't know, visit here race.teesites.net/maps/18/)

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Re: CTF5 Fastcapturing

big_smile Yeah i used Zargons technique, but i do one more rocket in the middle part, the best time was on laxa´s fastcap sever,but iam even on teerace the first one.