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Topic: ctf5, a new fastcap method?

Hi, after seeing dled trying something similar, I decided to 'develop' my own way to capture the flag.
Here is a replay taken from TeeRace (it means there's no time shown): http://www.mediafire.com/?72a8j174d1qh68n

For those who don't want to download the .demo file, here is a video made by HardstyleMix


Re: ctf5, a new fastcap method?

It's not new http://race.teesites.net/maps/18/

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Re: ctf5, a new fastcap method?

Very nice method, and by the way, on our servers we have two under 3.20; Holtik has legitimately gotten 3.165, I was even there when he did and +.+ fr3ak has 3.198.

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Re: ctf5, a new fastcap method?

@maxone: yes indeed, i used it for a lot of time, although i posted it now