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A long Time ago, Nox Nebula, d3Mon and -nic- started to work on the project called "Teeworlds.de".

They tried to fuse the two German Teeworlds community's to one on teeworlds.de

After some time of work, they fused the community's on teeworlds-community.de , they used the MyBB System to create their board. Some months later, this community got broken and teeworlds.de was given up.

In March 2011 Axxer bought the domains teeworlds-community.de and teeworlds.de to bring the community back to life.
Nearly at the end of march Axxer reopened the "TWC" on teeworlds-community.de with the help of Crises, d3Mon (who actually changed his name to Maximum) , Wolf and G@mer.
TWC was also using the PunBB Board-System like teeworlds.com . After some time, we've decided to begin the work on teeworlds.de

After 5 month's of hard work, which was constricted by Real-Life and other  problems, we finally took teeworlds.de online. It's running on a Root Server with the really fast nginx webserver !

On  Teeworlds.de we've tried to give the german teeworlds community a new and better home. So we've decided to close teeworlds-community.de and create a new  board on teeworlds.de

We also decided to use Woltlab Burning Board (r) as our board system,  because the whole german clan boards are using this and the similar lite-edition, so they are all  familiar with this.

For  making our board look unique and not like all the other german boards,  we've thought over a unique design, the basic idea came from maximum and also most of the graphics. There will be changes in design for every  season.

Teeworlds.de  is not done yet, there are some bugs left to fix, and there is a big  update to come soon. But the Community is already working !

So if you're German ( speaking German ) or just interested in our work, visit us at: http://teeworlds.de

Your Teeworlds.de Team

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What fotn uses tee-stats it looks cool cool  note:I want to make a tee-blog wink

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Lalorobot wrote:

What font uses tee-stats it looks cool cool  note:I want to make a tee-blog wink


1) Font

2) Effects Tutorial (Video)


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Hi there how do i install mods and is there any mods out there for this