Re: [MOD] OpenFNG (updated and maintained again)

And playing 8x8 wont be so tight.

There is actually a beta 16on16 branch. But I agree

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Re: [MOD] OpenFNG (updated and maintained again)

pielover88888 wrote:
Salty Balls wrote:


I agree with everything you said completely. @Deku if you're reading this, I think it's map making time

That's great, dude. Will the map be on Riot servers? smile


Re: [MOD] OpenFNG (updated and maintained again)

Salty Balls wrote:

-snip-Will the map be on Riot servers?

Yep, as soon as golden spikes are added to openFng.

@fstd Here's an idea, if someone is frozen and disconnects, their tee be replaced by a dummy with the same seconds left in the freeze. when it unfreezes, it dies and doesnt respawn. thoughts?

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Re: [MOD] OpenFNG (updated and maintained again)

^ this would be amazing. It should also apply when someone switches teams (including to spec) - that way auto-balance and team-swap won't instantly ban some unfortunate frozen tee.

I'm currently working on a ctf2-based FNG map incorporating some of the ideas mentioned on the previous page. Its 'golden' shrines will only act as normal shrines until the special shrines are implemented into FNG.

I've got two FNG maps which are close to ready for public release, hopefully they'll be on the forums soon! Aforementioned maps are on the back burner. Still doing mapping, but have higher priority map projects.
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Re: [MOD] OpenFNG (updated and maintained again)

^ I concur with Salty Balls. Might as well say Riot will be doing some mapping soon big_smile

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Re: [MOD] OpenFNG (updated and maintained again)

Hi, I have a query...
How I can make that the duration of the freeze does not see below the tee?