Topic: The time after 0.6.0

It's been 2,5 weeks, since we released 0.6 and I think it's time to reflect a lil bit about it.

The feedback we got was very positive. The main goal of the 0.6 graphics development was to create real graphical alternatives to the grass tileset - and as we can see new maps do use other tilesets. Especially the jungle tileset is used heavily, but I even found several maps which used the winter tileset. The tileset colorization feature has proved to be an important innovation as I've seen lots of new maps which use it to create different atmospheres. From the graphical development's point of view mission 0.6 is a success. But of course we found some issues to improve.

Some little bugs have been fixed (e.g. the jungle statue bug), but we did not find any critical graphical bug. Besides, some people complained that ctf4 and ctf6 use the same jungle style. One of the maps will get a night theme to make them more unique and distinguishable. By the way, I guess you've heard that some instagib players were mourning about the new ctf4 map. Well, we do not want to make it official again, but we (Chi11y, Pocram and me) decided to create an official 0.6 style version to show you that we take your concerns and feedback seriously. Then you will be able play the same map and enjoy the 0.6 feeling.

Crises and me are already working on some ideas for a new tileset for 0.7. We have already done some concepts, but they still need to be worked out. (If there is anything which we may peresent, you will see it here). Besides we are thinking about working on the swamp tileset, which was originally planned as a community project (there might be some furhter information at the forum), but we have not decided anything, yet.

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