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Topic: [0.6 MOD] Pickup

Version: 2.2 for Teeworlds 0.6.0
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Hey folks,
I just ported the Pickup Mod to Teeworlds 0.6.0, as it was much fun and wasn't that hard to port.

In Pickup you have to collect health and armor and when you have enough you jump into the marked area to score.
You should prevent the other players from scoring, by shooting at them when they are jumping into the marked area.

PickDM: You get 10 points for jumping into the marked area.
PickTDM: Your team gets 10 points, and you get 5 points.

In this package are all the standart 0.5.2 Maps for Pickup.
Unfortunately only some of them are working with 0.6.0.
Working: dm1_pickup, dm2_pickup, dm7_pickup, ctf1_pickup, ctf5_pickup
For the other maps the tileset changed so they can not be used anymore.

"Target Zone" is the zone you have to go when you have all armor and health.

sv_gametype PickDM/PickTDM
sv_pickup_respawn (range 0-10000; default 1000) Pickup Respawntime in ms (only health and armor)
sv_max_health (range 0-1000; default 10) How much health you have to collect
sv_max_armor (range 0-1000; default 10) How much armor you have to collect
sv_start_health (range 0-1000; default 0) The health you respawn with
sv_start_armor (range 0-1000; default 0) The armor you respawn with
sv_damage (range 0-1; default 1) Enable or disable damage

Windows 32Bit
Linux 32Bit (link down)
Linux 64Bit (link down)

Copyright / Licence



  • Bobynator: Idea, Version 1.0 and 2.0, Banner, dm1_pickup

  • KillaBilla: Version 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 and the port to 0.6.0, Maps, Entities


Re: [0.6 MOD] Pickup

Nice work ! This give me some idea ^^

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Re: [0.6 MOD] Pickup

Linux 32Bit: Download

Linux 64Bit: Download