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Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial

So, you want to learn to make a Teeworlds map?
Making a Teeworlds map takes a lot of practice to get right. Once you get good, you can make a nice map in a few
minutes! With this tutorial, I will be teaching you the basics and such. So follow me, and be patient--it may be
hard and confusing at first!

Getting Started
Alright, so let's get started. To open the map editor, press "Control + Shift + E" in the game. You should
see the map editor! It looks sort of drab, and boring, but it isn't. This is what you should see.

Starting, Saving, and Loading a Map
To create a new map (the editor already comes with one open smile), click "File" at the top left of your screen. You should see a drop-down list. In that list, you can see the essentials: New, Load, Save, and Save as.

To start a new map, click "File", then click "New".

To save a map that you are working on, click "File", and then click Save as. A window should pop up--this is where you can type in the name of your map! After saving it once, you can just hit "Save" instead. NOTE: When saving a map, make sure to add a ".map" file extension!

Loading a map is easy as well. Just open the "File" list again, and select "Load". A window should show up, where you can open a map that you have previously saved.

Before We Start Mapping...
You have to a little, before you actually get to the fun part! First of all, you have to add images. To do this, click "Layers" at the left-hand side of the editor. The two layers should disappear! Also, the "Layers" button has changed to "Images"! To bring them back, you can click the same button, which is now labeled "Images". Everything should revert back to normal. Now, go back to the images tab (where there were no layers), and click "Add". A nice, dark window should pop up--this is where you can select the tiles you want to use for the map. There are several different themes that come pre-packaged with Teeworlds. For example, CTF3 uses the desert theme.

There are 4 main themes in Teeworlds:

  • Grassy

  • Jungle

  • Desert

  • Snowy

For this tutorial map, we will be using "grass_main". Click on the file named "grass_main" and finish off by pressing "Add". The picture should now be at the left hand side of your editor. Now, you can go back to the layers by clicking on the "Images" tab again.

Alright, now, you can apply the "grass_main" file to your tile layers!

Add a layer to your Game group. On the left-hand side of your screen, you should see a list of rectangles labeled "#0" and "#1" and so on. These are layers. To add a tile layer to your game group, right click the rectangle that says, "#1 Game". In that new box that appears, you can click "Add tile layer...". After that, you should see another rectangle appear: This is a tile layer.

Right click that new layer (#1 Tile), and you should see something like this.

Under the "Image" box, click "None" and change it to "grass_main". The reason why you can see this "grass_main" is because you added it earlier under the "images" tab.

Resizing layers is as easy as a cup of tee. To resize your Game layer, right-click #0 Game and change the width. For this map, try using 65. If the numbers move too fast, you can hold shift to make it more precise! Do the same for the "#1 Tiles" layer. Now, you can say that your map is 65 Tiles by 50 Tiles. NOTE: 1 Tile is approximately 1 tee long/tall.

Congrats! You have finished your pre-phase of mapping!

Where's the Fun Part? Right here.
Alright, now that you have applied images to your layers and such, we can get to the fun part. select the layer that is called "#1 Tile" and make sure it is coated red. If the layer is red, that means it is your active layer.

To pan around the map, hold control and drag around with your mouse. Drag your screen into a center area of the map, and stay there.

Hold space to show your tile selection page. When you let go, those tiles will disappear. While holding space, you can select tile(s) by clicking and dragging. After you let go of space, your cursor should show the tile you selected. Try painting it on your canvas (white box)! You have placed your first tiles!

To clear your brush, right click. When you do this, the tiles you have selected to paint will disappear.

Let's get serious. At the edge of the white border, the tiles you place there will continue to infinity. For example:

So you will want to paint your entire border of the map with a tile that could repeat itself with no problems. This tile is the plain brown tile. Hold space, and you should see the tile I am talking about.

Wait! You have to delete the old tiles first! To do this, select a blank area on your canvas. You can choose any size you want! Just click and drag. You should have a blank rectangle as your brush. Paint over those ugly tiles, and they should disappear.

After you border your map, it should look like this. NOTE: My map looks so small because it is zoomed out. To zoom out, scroll with the mouse wheel.

Go ahead and save your map. Name it, "FirstMap.map".

At the top of your editor, you can see a button labeled "1:1". This button changes your view so you can see the size of your map in game. Go ahead and click it! Things should get bigger...

Pan around the map using Control, and meet with the bottom left corner of your map.
Hold to get to tile select, and select a tile you want to place. This is the tile I placed for a floor:

Draw the tile on your map. Select different tiles as needed--you're not in a rush!
You can select existing tiles on the canvas to replicated them.

Take your time to make your map a beauty. This is what you can try out.

Continue mapping, until you fill up your entire map. Remember: Do not place any tiles other than plain ones on the edge! Also, make a quick save!

You can use mine, if you really want to. Or if you have no imagination -_-

After you are done mapping the visible (*hint*) parts, you are ready for the boring part. Save first. You now have to endure making your map playable. Teeworlds uses a special thing called "Entities". They are what allows your tee to come in contact with them, and they are what allows your tee to walk on platforms. They are what kills your tee, they are what spawns your tee. They supply ammunition to you, and more. Entities are a pretty big deal.

Entities and Placing Them
The entities are cleverly hidden in the game layer (#0 Game). Select the game layer, and hold space. You can see your entities!

The transparent white tiles are what allows your tee to hook, walk, and collide with. In other words, they are ground and roof. These are called collisions.

The red skull is death--if you touch that tile, you die! We call these death tiles.

The tile with a hook picture is one of the fanciest--unhookable tiles! Your tee can walk on these, and collide with these. The only thing is: you can't hook them. They are often used on metal and such. These are called unhookables.

The colored tees you see at the bottom--those are spawn points. The blue tee will spawn blue team's players, and the red will spawn red team. The beige tee will be neutral--they are only activated during a DM game.

The guns... any person with an IQ above toast will be able to tell what they are for.
Those white tiles are useless. Really. They don't do anything. Don't believe me? Try it yourself.

Placing Your Entities (Quick)
Right click your #1 Tiles layer, and the menu should appear. Click "Game Tiles" and then click "Collision". Teeworlds will automatically fill your grass tiles in with collision! (If you play without collision tiles, you will fall through the ground and teeworlds will get F__Ked up.)

So now that collisions are taken care of, you can now manually place your spawn points and weapons.

Make sure that the game layer is selected, and hold space to bring up selection. Choose a beige spawn point, and place it on the canvas. Make sure that you do not place it over a collision tile, or your tee will spawn inside the ground. Best thing to do is place it 2 tiles above the ground. Place about 5-6 of them.

Now that spawns are taken care of, you will want to add weapons and health. Place armor and health as you like. For spawn, health, and armor tips skip to the end (not recommended). After you finish adding weapons, armor, and health, your map is ready for playing. But do you really want to play a plain map?

Time to add more images. If you remember how, add the "grass_doodads" image, and create a new layer. Make sure that new layer is 65x50! Apply the image to the layer, and you are ready.
Move the doodads layer to the back (make it #0 Tile). Moving the layer to the back will make it appear behind your tee and the ground in game.

Add doodads, and make sure to make your map cute and beautiful.

Save your map--you are almost done. Last thing you need to do is change all of the unnescessary items to high detail. Do that by right clicking on your "Doodads" layer, and chaging "detail" to yes.

I hope you really enjoyed this tutorial, and it helped you guys out! Thanks for reading, and [+] please!

Download for final tutorial map: Here!

Tips for Mapping

Weapon Placement

Weapon placement is a rather hard thing to accomplish unless you have been playing Teeworlds for a while.
For a 1 versus 1 map, I recommend:
0 lasers
2 grenade launchers
2 shotguns
1 katana
9 armor pieces
7 hearts (there should be a group of one somewhere..)

-Take a look at official maps for weapon and heart placement tips.

Hopefully this helped someone, if anyone, and they now know how to map. More will be added to this topic (about tips, what not to do, etc.)



Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Not bad! smile

I recommend it to everybody who dont know how to use it.

This map is too easy. It will be god if you add some inofrmation about death and unhookable tiles. And about quads layers. smile


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Really great work, thanks for this!
Although, I really think you need to say how to test the maps; give a short explanation or redirect to a tutorial to host a local (at least) server.
Mapping without testing is senseless :)

Keep working on it!

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Dune wrote:

Really great work, thanks for this!
Although, I really think you need to say how to test the maps; give a short explanation or redirect to a tutorial to host a local (at least) server.
Mapping without testing is senseless smile
Keep working on it!

Yeah, I second that! You could cooperate with Tee Killa (who is making a map tutorial, too) to make the best tutorial ever! Really, you're both awesome mappers and you can do a great work. wink

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i vote for sticky.
Great tutorial! +1

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Very nice tut, appreciate your work [+], but Hydra's right! You should add a separate image of the entities and explain each one (knowing we don't support mods, explaining the default entities would be pretty easy) smile Keep it up.


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we need a teewiki

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Quads and parallax will be explained very soon! After that, comes envelopes and such... but I have to rewrite an essay (i accidentally deleted my 12 page essay when installing windows 7)

Thank you


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Good tutorial

If you are writing more, would there by chance, be a tutorial on making a good ctf map/structure?

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Hope envelopes tut comes soon...  smile
1 more thing:
Ahhhhhmmmm....sticky? What,you run out of glue? Then use duck tape. big_smile
Vote for sticky wink

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

I want to say "thank you". It's good job. I was waitin' to learn how to draw maps. Learnin' videos aren't very helpful for me, 'couse I'm not eng spikin' player. It's hard to understand what somebody sain' on video, 'cause he have an accent. You made screenshots and write good instruction. I can understand everythin'.

And, actually, thank you smile


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Wait, are those weird words you wrote serious, or to demonstrate what you meant? big_smile

No problem -- Quads will be done by the end of next week.

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

What is weird in my post? smile

Oh, you are right. I just wanted to ask you 'bout quads big_smile

And one little question: how to write on the walls? When I write in paint and save it as "picture.png", players who joined my server can't see the text. They see a big colorful square tongue

And I can say more: when I add some titles or quads and another players don't have this titles/quads, they see colorful squares.


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Can you also make a tutorial how to use the "envelopes" please? :>


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

How i make snow in the map??


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Either append it from a map with falling snow (easy way), or animate it yourself with the envelope editor.

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

I suggest the easy way wink

btw: When is envelopes TuT coming alias? ^.^

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

I actually have someone doing this for me... (bee)


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Me? Seriously? When did this happen? o.O

Give others the respect you wish to be respected with. In the mean time, enjoy the website!


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Please, help me. I really dunno what to do. When I use quads, witch the others don't have, they see colorful squares.


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Embedd the image. Change to the images tab and right-click all non-standart tilesets and press embedd. Tilesets which came along with teeworlds (gras_main etc.) should be external, as everyone has them!

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Tee Killa wrote:

Either append it from a map with falling snow (easy way), or animate it yourself with the envelope editor.

I'll wait out the tutorial on envelopes Thx =]


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Thank you smile


Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0

Thanks everyone for sharing great information.

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Re: [MAPS] Teeworlds Map Editor Tutorial - 0.6.0


I've got a problem so help me, please:
When i use tele tiles in map editor on my map, when i run the map, I see only white squares and lines where my tele tiles are. How to make tele tiles invisible?
Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understood the main idea :]

Thanks anyway